Pasco Sheriff's Office highlights 'unprovoked' attack as risk deputies face every day

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office started using body cameras five years ago. Since then, the agency says the footage has been key for training and transparency.

It also illustrates what they say deputies face every day on the job.

The department says it was a routine call that suddenly turned violent but the deputies and a quick-acting bystander were able to get the situation under control.

Body camera footage shows the split-second reactions to stop the man the sheriff’s office says attacked the deputy.

The “unprovoked” attack happened in the parking lot of a New Port Richie Autozone Wednesday night.

“They had an unwanted guest, a report of a gentleman walking in and out of the business several times and they weren’t sure what he was doing there so they called us to assist,” explained Amanda Hunter from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

We’re told the interaction with Alexander Ealy started off pretty normal.

The deputy informed the 30-year-old he wasn’t being charged with anything, but the store wanted him to leave and it seemed like he was complying.

This time, the second deputy approached Ealy when he suddenly became violent.

“While the two deputies were sitting in the parking lot just finishing up some paperwork, they witnessed this gentleman try to go back into the business again,” Hunter said.

Hunter said Ealy shoved and punched the deputy. The other deputy on the scene rushes over to help and the manager of the Autozone also runs outside to intervene.

Ealy stopped after being hit with a stun gun.

We’re told the deputy has some bumps and bruises but will be OK.

Ealy is charged with resisting and battery on a law enforcement officer.