Pasco Sheriff's Office takes part in latest viral craze: Mannequin Challenge

The Pasco County County Sheriff's Office is the latest to participate in the newest social media craze: the Mannequin Challenge.

That's where everyone freezes, as if time has stopped, and the video camera captures the scene as if someone pressed "pause," as soon the song "Black Beatles," by rappers Rae Sremmurd, starts playing.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office took the challenge (although to a different song), but people are seen around the office in various poses including mid-toss of a Frisbee, someone appearing to question another person wearing a paper bag on their head, frozen at the copy machine, and outside in their cruisers.

Even Sheriff Chris Nocco makes an appearance toward the end.

FOX 13 took part in a version of the Mannequin Challenge on election night. 

Videos of people taking the viral challenge have surfaced all over the internet by students and even athletes and celebrities. Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha, took the Mannequin Challenge at his wife's "pop up" BBQ restaurant and posted it on Instagram showing everyone in pause in the middle of the restaurant. 

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took the Mannequin Challenge with singer Jon Bon Jovi and her husband, Bill Clinton, among others.

It's unknown who started the Mannequin Challenge but one of the first postings of the challenge were by students on Twitter on Oct. 26 by user @pvrity___.

Students all over the country are also posting their challenge, like this one at a football game: