Passenger hospitalized after fight with Uber driver

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A dispute between an Uber driver and his passenger about the route the driver took led to the passenger being hospitalized, according to St. Petersburg police.

Investigators say their argument escalated and the driver punched the passenger, knocking him unconscious. But police say the passenger's criminal history makes them wonder who was really in the wrong. 

It happened Thursday around 7:30 p.m. Uber driver Kabir Diaz, 38, picked up Terry Kimball, 56, on Treasure Island. About 13 miles into the trip, Kimball apparently had a problem with the route being taken, police say.

Diaz pulled over at a store on 58th Street N and they began to fight. Diaz punched Kimball, who did not regain consciousness, according to police. 

Witnesses say Kimball may have messed with the wrong driver. 

Diaz stood by Kimball as a bystander and paramedics tried to revive him, but they couldn't get him to wake up. Kimball is in the hospital with serious brain trauma and his injuries are life-threatening. 

Kimball is said to be a disabled military veteran who was living by himself in section 8 housing. He has a lengthy history of arrests for alcohol related offenses, though police don't yet know whether he'd been drinking Friday night.

Police say Diaz has not been charged. They are relying on several witnesses who saw clearly what happened. What they say could have a big impact on whether Diaz is ever charged.