Paula Deen does commercial for Lakeland furniture company

One of the most well-known and controversial cooks in the country did a commercial for a Lakeland furniture company.

"Hi everybody," Paula Deen says on the spot. "I have fabulous news for y'all."

In the commercial, Deen promotes her line of furniture.

"So drop by Claussen's Fine Furniture and ask to see Paula Deen's home collection," she said.

The president of Lakeland's NAACP has been quoted in a published report as saying Deen should be dropped as a spokeswoman "like a hot potato."

Deen's former sterling image was tarnished because of what happened three years ago. She admitted that she had used the 'N word' in the past after she was held up by a black man.

It cost her dearly.The Food Network, Sears and Walmart quickly cut ties with her. It was a big financial loss for the cook.

Depite her past, it seems that most people are moving on.

"I don't think she believes the same thing now," said Lakeland resident Cathy Follis. "We have all changed our opinions over the years, so it's fine with me."

Don Rabbe, from Lakeland, also agrees.

"I really don't hold anything against her," he told FOX 13.

The owner of Claussen's Fine Furniture said they get calls from customers saying "we want to thank you for sticking by her."