Perks of the job: Employers offer 'summer Fridays' to prevent burnout

Vacation season is heating up in the sunshine state. Long, lazy beach days are a great reason to ditch work on 'summer Fridays.'

There are variations on this unofficial holiday; relaxed dress code, longer lunch breaks, and even half workdays. Some companies are even letting employees skip skipping work and just giving them the day off.

"It really is attractive for people that are considering working for that company,” Brooke Szmiga, with Robert Half Recruiting, said.

St. Petersburg marketing company B2 Communications implemented summer Fridays two years ago. Employees have half-day workdays on alternating Fridays. Managers say it doesn't hurt performance.

"So much of our staff is from the millennial generation and they value a well-rounded life. They want to look at this job and say, 'How does it fit into my life?'" explained B2 co-founder Kyle Parks.

It's a perfect fit for employee Beth Meccariello. She says the perk helps her accommodate summer visitors.

"I was able to pick them up at the airport, go to the beach, it never hurts to hit the happy hour specials at that time either!" she told FOX 13 News.

B2'S Leah Bueno plans to put a personal touch on her summer Fridays this year.

"Well, I'm having a baby, so I'll probably be decorating the nursery," Bueno said.

Job recruiters like Szmiga say some variation of a summer Friday is a great way for companies to stay competitive.

"With the market being as tight as it is right now, it’s something that is easy and inexpensive that companies can offer," she said.