Pet photographer raises tens of thousands for shelters

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In the corner of 7venth Sun Brewery in Seminole Heights, Adam Goldberg is doing his best to get the attention of a very special lady.

"I'm not afraid to make a fool out of myself," he said.

He starts making odd noises, saying "That's how I'm able to get their attention."

His strategy works. Goldberg is trying to get the attention of dogs brought by their owners for a special photo shoot.

The occasion - an even called All Dogs Go To 7venth - is smaller than most of his shoots. He calls it a mini-session to test the waters for new clients.

Most of the time, there are more dogs and more money involved. Most of the money, however, goes to pet-related charities.

Goldberg has helped raised more than $60,000 for more than 30 charities across the country, holding more than 100 events. 

"I've worked at an animal shelter for two years. That's how learned how to take pictures and work with animals, so I got my start working with shelter animals," he said.

Goldberg's pet photography started as a part-time job, then he took the full-time plunge in July 2016.

He uses his experience in marketing to draw new clients on Facebook. He also cold e-mails shelters across the country, explaining what he does.

He has events scheduled in cities across Colorado, as well as San Diego and Chicago.

"When I tell people that I'm a full-time pet photographer, they're taken aback," he said. "When my friends said 'I know four or five wedding photographers, but you're the only pet photographer that I know', that's when I knew I had something on my hands."

Goldberg says he plans to continue his line of work as long as he can sustain an income, keep making people happy, and continue to raise money for charities.