Pet photographer raising funds for Humane Society with Safer at Home sessions

Many small businesses face an uncertain future because of the statewide ‘stay at home’ order. A bay area pet photography company is trying to adapt after having most of his business dry up.

AGold Photography’s Adam Goldberg says he’s lost two months’ worth of photoshoots. He usually sets up fundraiser photoshoots in breweries and bars, but all of those are now closed.

Now Goldberg is taking a new approach.

"We've seen other photographers do what's called a front-steps project. However, we wanted to put our own spin on it with pets," Goldberg said.

He’s calling them Safer at Home Portrait Sessions. From a distance of about 10 feet, he takes outdoor photos of people and their pets.

"For the majority of them we're in our car, so we're not even getting out of the car. It's challenging a little bit because we're used to being able to position people," Goldberg explained. "We're just trying to get, not necessarily a posed picture, but something that shows expression, personality, something that's going to tell a story, so that when you look back on this in a few months or a few years, you'll know how you were feeling."

And because AGold Photography has always been about raising money for charity, Goldberg is asking for donations instead of payment.

"So, 100% of the donations are going to the Humane Society. We've asked for a minimum of $50 donation. Some people are donating more, which is fantastic," Goldberg said. “The Humane Society has had to cancel a lot of fundraising events, so to be able to raise, we're about $1,500-$2,000 raised so far. We have about 50 families that have signed up."

The sessions last about 10 minutes. For the donation, pet parents get one social media-ready photo. They can support AGold Photography by buying prints.

Right now, AGold Photography is only taking Safer at Home portraits in a limited number of zip codes. For more information, visit