Plumber pulls iguana from toilet in Florida home

(Courtesy WSVN 7News)

A family in Fort Lauderdale was shocked when they finally learned what was clogging their toilet over the weekend.

The Lindquist family needed to call a plumber Sunday after discovering that their pipe was stopped up, and no amount of plunging or flushing would resolve the issue, WSVN in Miami reports.

The plumber arrived and after some searching, the problem looked her right in the face...literally.

"I was in the living room and we heard a scream, and I came in to see what was causing the screaming," the resident, Marian Lindquist, told WSVN.

And there it was, an iguana about one-and-a-half-feet long, sitting in the ceramic bowl.

Lindquist went on to say the tool the plumber was using actually got stuck in the iguana, so it did not survive the incident.

As for how the iguana got there to begin with, the Lindquists said it's likely it entered through the roof, and then couldn't find its way out.