Polk County launches COVID-19 hotline as case numbers continue rising

There’s a new way for parents and others to separate fact from fiction about COVID-19.

Working together, the Polk County Public Schools and the Department of Health launched a new hotline for families and individuals who have questions.

The hotline is being launched on the heels of 8,000 Polk County students coming back to class after opting out of e-learning.

Experts nationwide predict a coming surge in cases.

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“You also have flu season that’s getting well underway,” said Rachel Pleasant, spokeswoman for the school district.

The hotline is manned by 10 staffers overseen by a registered nurse.

It will operate from 12:30 to 8 p.m. every day, except school holidays.

Staffers will also call students and teachers who have had COVID-19 to remind them when they can come back to school.

They may also do contact tracing if the Polk Conty health department needs help.

The hotline number is 863-298-5206.

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