Pop-up businesses becoming a popular retail trend in South Tampa

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Three businesses have popped up at the A Haley Boutique in Tampa, at least for the day.

"I make custom cakes for any type of occasion and I also make custom cookies", said Susie Colon of Sugar Rush Cakery.

Jessy Furniel creates skincare products, the company's  name is Adélie. Sheila Vaske is the creator of V'Enza. She describes it as "an inspiration brand of jewelry and accesories".

The pop-ups are a growing trend in the retail industry, especially for online companies.

"Having the opportunity to actually showcase our brand via a pop up it's a great opportunity to develop brand awareness," said Furniel.

Vaske said having a short-term, easy set-up like this has an impact on the bottom line.

"It would take a lot for me to invest in a brick and mortar." said Vaske.

All say social media is great, but has limitations. Susie Colon said her customers don't often get to see everything she makes.

"Like my cake jars. It gives the community an opportunity to see something new, something different," said Colon.

Through pop ups, start-ups are attracting new clients.

"I bought some earrings and a bracelet for a wedding I have this weekend," said customer Kristen Diaz.

"They actually become really loyal customers of mine so I feel like they more I'm able to conect with people on a one on one basis because it really helps me," said Vaske.

Stores hosting the pop-ups see a benefit too. 

"I'm a firm believer of community over competition. It gives my customers something new, something fresh and something unexpected. If it does well then we can offer them permanent space here at the store," said Sophia Rodriguez, the owner of A Haley Boutique.

LINKS: For more information on each business, head to their websites - V'Enza, Sugar Rush CakeryAdélie, and A Haley Boutique.