Proposed land swap would put HCSO headquarters in Brandon as Ybor City’s Gasworx project advances

Hillsborough County leaders are considering a proposed land swap to move the sheriff’s office headquarters to Brandon, giving Gas Worx developer Darryl Shaw an opportunity to expand his Ybor City footprint

"There’s a potential $100 million savings by moving us now, versus waiting later on, years down the road, to move us," Sheriff Chad Chronister said.

Grow Financial is relocating and breaking ground on a new building in Gas Worx in Ybor City this summer.

Under the proposal, the HCSO headquarters would move to Grow Financial’s headquarters in Brandon, which Gas Worx developer Darryl Shaw is under contract to acquire.

Shaw would acquire the HCSO headquarters in Ybor City. This would further grow his development footprint in Ybor City. 

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"We have got to prepare our sheriff’s department for the next generations," Hillsborough County Commissioner Michael Owen said. "With all the growth we have in Hillsborough County, we need more deputies. Our sheriff’s department has to grow."

The current Grow Financial Headquarters off the Selmon Expressway is on 24 acres of land, with a five-story building, 140,000 square feet of office space, and a three-story parking garage.

The property is triple the size of the sheriff’s office’s current property of about 8.33 acres.

Grow Financial's Brandon headquarters is triple the size of the current HCSO headquarters in Ybor City.

Grow Financial's Brandon headquarters is triple the size of the current HCSO headquarters in Ybor City. 

Chronister says this move would benefit the sheriff’s office and the community in more ways than one.

"We’re in an old building," Chronister said. "There’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep that comes with providing service out of an older building. That aging building is not as safe in terms of hurricane rating. There’s no room to expand as we continue to expand."

Chronister says this move would also place the sheriff’s office in a more central area of the county.

"The county doesn’t pay taxes," Chronister said. "We’re not paying taxes, and we have a large footprint in Ybor City."

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The proposed swap would also expand opportunities for development in Ybor City.

Pictured: HCSO headquarters in Ybor City.

Pictured: HCSO headquarters in Ybor City. 

"Whenever there's a chance to collaborate for the benefit of taxpayers, the sheriff’s office, and Ybor City, we are always going to be interested in those opportunities," Shaw explained.  "We are fortunate to have forward-thinking public partners who are open to exploring possibilities that could lead to long-term advantages for the community."

County leaders say this proposal would be a step-up, not only for the sheriff’s office, but for the future of development in the county.

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"As you see the Riverwalk being extended, you can kind of see the future progression of Ybor and Channelside," Owen said. "It’s not my district, but very important to the people of Hillsborough County. So, I think this is just one of those win-wins for everybody."

Gas Worx rendering

Gas Worx rendering

If approved, stakeholders in the project say this could all take about three years to be completed.

Commissioners will consider the proposal on June 20.

If it passes initial approval, Owen says commissioners will then give the required public notice. 

Then, he says the proposed land swap may reappear before the commission for another vote in the fall.

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