Prosecutors show surveillance video from night of shooting outside Tampa club

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Jealousy over a woman may have lead to a deadly shooting during a birthday party at Club 92 in Tampa over the weekend.

The suspected shooter is 24-year-old Jonathan Crist. Prosecutors say he shot a man for talking to a woman he knows.

Videos taken during the party show Crist getting an armband, and later that night, playing pool.

At the end of the night, prosecutors say Crist was in the parking lot when a woman approached the shooting victim's car, and they say that made Crist mad.

At a bond hearing this morning, Hillsborough Detective David Tabor explained what an eye witness, referred to as Mr. Young, said.

"Mr. Young was sitting in the passenger seat of the victim's car. A female approached them, said something to the victim and then walked away from the victim. Mr. Young could see there was a gentleman in the back of a white vehicle. As the female walks towards that gentleman he gave her a look as to 'why are you talking to those guys?'" Tabor described. "That gentleman went to his car, got a gun, then started shooting at the victim."

Prosecutors say the gentleman described by Tabor is Jonathan Crist. They showed the courtroom grainy surveillance video, which they say shows Crist walking to the victim's car and shoot him four times.

The video shows the flashes from the muzzle of the gun.

Moments later, the shooter walks to a white Volkswagen and drives away.

Prosecutors say Crist was also spotted by surveillance cameras getting rid of the gun.

The Hillsborough County Public Defender Jennifer Spradley tried to challenge the detective, suggesting the evidence against Crist was thin, but Detective Tabor revealed they had more. 

"The projectile that was recovered from the victim was compared to the revolver found by the Tampa Police Department and that bullet matched that gun," explained Tabor. 

After hearing the evidence in the case, the judge denied the defendant's bond request. Crist will remain in the Hillsborough County jail until his trial.