Publix saves bride’s dream wedding cake by helping couple make their own

The coronavirus may have thwarted this couple’s wedding plans, but Publix was able to save the bride’s dream cake.

Erin and Ben Cohen had originally planned to be married in Florida -- Erin’s home state -- where they would be able to have a Publix wedding cake.

However, they had to change their plans and instead get married in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Ben’s parents live, according to The Palm Beach Post.

The problem was the wedding cake.

Publix doesn’t have any grocery stores outside the southeast and though the couple tried to find a recipe online and make one themselves, they were having a tough time, The Post reported.

Cake from the popular Florida-based supermarket chain were a big part of Erin’s childhood and her family had one for every major celebration, she told The Associated Press in a June interview.

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The first time she took Ben to Florida for a visit, she even made sure to take him to Publix for cake.

“There are certain traditions that we are throwing away, but this Publix-inspired wedding cake feels like a real important piece of the puzzle in making our wedding feel special,″ she told The Associated Press.

After the company heard about the couple’s plight, Publix stepped in to help.

The supermarket offered to give the couple a virtual cake decorating session over Zoom and even sent them buttercream icing, pre-baked layers of cake, spatulas, a turntable for the cake and decorative gum paste flowers, according to The Post.

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Once they got the materials, a Publix bakery technical specialist gave them step-by-step instructions on how to put it all together.

On top of that, Publix also delivered an identical cake to Erin’s family in Florida so they could have the same cake on Erin and Ben’s wedding day.

“Publix created a way for my family to enjoy the exact same wedding cake we had at the ceremony in Minnesota — to share that experience with them was priceless,” Erin told The Post.

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