Putnam: Would not have signed school gun bill

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, the front-runner in Florida’s Republican race for governor, said he would not likely have signed Florida’s school-safety law. 

Adam Putnam said he supports provisions that improve safety in public schools and reform the Baker Act to keep mentally ill individuals from having firearms. However, he opposes the provisions that raise the purchasing age for long guns from 18 to 21, and add a waiting period prior to purchase. 

In an interview with FOX 13’s Craig Patrick, Putnam said he therefore would not likely have signed the law that Governor Rick Scott signed last week. 

"Likely not because I oppose raising it from 18 to 21," Putnam said. "I don’t believe that is the right approach."

Craig also asked Putnam to explain why he previously described himself as a ‘proud NRA sellout’ last year. He responded by stressing his support for the Second Amendment. 

"Don’t ever confuse law-abiding citizens -- hunters, shooters, collectors -- with the monsters who perpetrated these actions,” he replied.  “It is so important for people not to confuse those who are proud firearms owners, proud Second Amendment advocates, proud shooters, proud hunters, proud collectors with the monster who perpetrated this terrible act at Parkland High School.  I embrace our rights to safely and responsible exercise our Second Amendment.”