Racist note found in Sarasota hotel room

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A family vacationing in Sarasota was shocked when they came back to their room to find a racist note  on their lamp. 

Frank Davis, who’s African-American, and the president and CEO of the Horizon Group, was staying at the Art Ovation Hotel when he found a post-it note reading, “You’re a N****R.”

“It went from total disbelief to anger and rage in short order,” Davis said in a phone interview. 

He immediately called the manager of the hotel to report what happened, and even filed a police report. 

Though the hotel offered his family a free night’s stay, they checked out and relocated to a hotel in Clearwater for the rest of their trip. 

“We did not feel safe, we did not know the circumstances of the note. For all we knew there was some supremacist there who was planning to come back and poison us the next day,” he said. 

The Art Ovation Hotel released the following statement to FOX 13:

We sincerely apologize for this family’s experience. Hotel management has apologized directly to the guests. A corporate executive has also spoken with the family to apologize and will continue to stay in direct contact with them and update them of the findings. This situation is very concerning to us.  As such, we have launched a thorough internal investigation and will take the appropriate actions based on the findings. In addition, over the next two weeks the hotel will be reinforcing its sensitivity training with associates at all levels. The safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to us and we remain committed to providing an environment where all feel welcome. Again, we apologize to all those impacted by this experience.