Rays fan's 2014 tweet predicted World Series

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A Tampa Bay Rays fan from Brandon became the center of the sports universe Wednesday when a Tweet  from 2014 predicting Game 7 of the 2016 World Series (and, jokingly, the end of the world) went  viral.

In a Tweet dated Nov. 4, 2014 Lenn Fraraccio, who goes by @RaysFanGio on Twitter, wrote: 
"2016 World Series. Cubs vs. Indians. And then the world will end with the score tied in game seven in extra innings #apocalypse."

Fraraccio said he remembers what happened that day and why he Tweeted that prediction.

"November 4, 2014 is the day that Joe Maddon signed with the Chicago Cubs," he said. "[Maddon] going to the Cubs, he was going to have a lot of good players at his disposal."

Fraraccio, who was born in Ohio, also knew the Cleveland Indians had plenty of talented, young players. But he had no idea that what he wrote two years ago would have been almost perfectly accurate.

"Two weeks ago, a guy sent it to me on Twitter and was like, 'dude, you did this in 2014, how is that  possible?" Fraraccio said. "Yesterday morning, two reporters in Los Angeles retweeted my Tweet and  said, 'this is crazy.'"

Things got a lot crazier throughout the day Wednesday.

"There's a buzz all day on this Twitter feed," he told FOX 13. "Then the game starts and there's a  bigger buzz and then other people get a hold of it and they start retweeting it. Then [the score]  comes close and then Rajai Davis hit the home run in the eighth inning and my phone exploded."

He knew there was no way the game would end in a tie, but a rain delay was enough to throw everyone into a frenzy.

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"People are freaking out," he said.

It was around that same time that Fraraccio tweeted, "OMG. It. Is. Happening."

Suddenly, during the biggest baseball game of the year, Fraraccio became one of the biggest stories. As of Thursday afternoon, his tweet from 2014 had been liked or shared about 300,000 times.

"It's just blind luck. It's blind luck," he said. "The planets aligned and now I'm being interviewed  in my front room."

His friends and new Twitter followers want more predictions.

"The Cavaliers are going to repeat as world champion," he said. "The New England Patriots, who I  can't stand and dislike so horribly, are going to win the Super Bowl."

As for Tampa Bay sports teams?

"2017, the Lightning win the Stanley Cup and beat the Chicago Blackhawks in six games," Fraraccio  predicted. "Tampa Bay Rays 2021, we're going to win the World Series!"

Fraraccio, however, realizes the part of his tweet predicting the end of the world was a sing and a miss. But he's not so sure it won't still happen next week.

"The Apocalypse might come next Tuesday after this stupid election anyway," he said, adding if that happens, he's glad he got his 15 minutes of fame. "I do realize that in two days, everybody is going to forget about this. No one is going to remember who Tweeted out this crazy prediction. But it's just fun."