RC plane fly-in brings fast, expensive aircraft

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There are take-offs and landings going on a Lakeland Linder Airport but it's not the kind of aircraft you'd expect.

They're slightly smaller. The event called 12 O'Clock High is kicking off this weekend bringing in dozens of flyers and their remote-controlled airplanes.

These aren't the kits you may have put together as a kid, though. Some of the planes can reach speeds of 200 miles per hour and cost more than $20,000. "We get four-engine bombers, twin-engine transports, get jet airliners. We get all kinds of replicas of different eras of aviation," says Frank Tiano, the event organizer.

The aircraft can maneuver just like their larger counterparts thanks to the pilots on the ground.

12 O'Clock High continues through Sunday between the hours of 9-5 p.m. at the south end of Lakeland Linder Airport.

Admission is $10. Click here for more information.