Read all about it: Young boy launches charity to read to kids, give them books

When Landric Keys walks into elementary schools, it’s not to attend a class. In fact, he is head of the class – taking time to read to preschoolers.

He created a whole charity behind it called “Landric’s Read and Share.” It was an idea that took his parents by surprise.

"He has no fear,” Zenita Keys, Landric’s mother, told FOX 13. “If there is something he wants to do, he'll do it. He might get a little nervous but once he gets to task he gives it 100 percent…110 percent.”

By reading to preschoolers, he says he wants to set an example and show how important reading is.

"I learned my love of reading from my kindergarten teacher,” he said. “Reading is inside every subject, and if you don't know how to read. You could fail." 

There was a time this was a hobby for Landric, but he turned the page and turned it into a non-profit.

"It caught us by surprise,” LaSante Keys, Landric’s father, said. “He said he wanted to start his own charity and I want to be able to give to preschoolers and to the elderly who don't have.”

Through “Landric’s Read and Share,” he goes into elementary schools, with books and bags, and gives them to the children to take home.     

The dream became reality with a Christmas gift to get him started.

"When my great-grandmother gave me $100 for Christmas, she asked me what I planned to do with it,” Landric explained, “and I said I wanted to start my own charity called ‘Landrics Read and Share.’”

Landric and his great-grandmother

For Landric, he loves helping others. For mom and dad, his example is what inspires books of heroes, they said.

"We're just proud of him and we always tell him that the skies the limit,” Zenita said. “Whatever he wants to do, we're always supportive of him and if there is something he wants to do we'll always support and do what we can to help him accomplish his goals."