Read along with Kelly Ring

There's nothing like a bedtime story to help your little ones wind down.  It takes their minds off the chaos of the day, calms them down, and refocuses them on the joys of being a kid. 

FOX 13's Kelly Ring says one of her favorite activities was reading to her three children at bedtime.  They're grown up now, but Kelly saved the books, and she's glad she did.

Each day, Kelly will be reading a children's story from the books her family collected and posting a video of it on her Facebook page for you and your children to watch.  She says with all the concerns in the world right now, she wanted to do something nice, especially for chldren.

"I hope you enjoy it," she said. "I can't tell you how therapeutic it was for me to sit down and read a nice story."

LINK: Kelly Ring's Facebook page