Reddit users come together to give kids Halloween to remember

Users of the online bulletin board Reddit have come to the rescue of a Bay-area foster home in need of donations for Halloween costumes.

Everyday Blessings Business Manager Amanda Brierly posted to Reddit when a donor who normally buys the children costumes couldn't make the donation this year. She explained that she worked for a group home serving underprivileged children and asked for help giving them a Halloween they would remember. Within just days Brierly says the Reddit users had raised more than $600 for the costumes.

The 24 children, who reside at the home temporarily while they await adoptions or reunifications with their families, will attend a Halloween party at a staff member's home. Thanks to the donations, they'll all get to dress up in their costume of choice.

"All the kids here have been abused, abandoned or neglected so they all come from different not so good backgrounds. Sometimes this might be the first Halloween they get to dress up," said Brierly.

Brierly says to make the children they house feel at home, the group home tries to make sure they have big celebrations for their birthdays and major holidays.

"They will know that it's because of people helping us that they're able to get this done," Brierly said.

Christmas is another time that's challenging for the organization to raise the money it needs to give them a happy holiday.

Brierly says they always accept donations, especially socks and underwear during the holiday season. To contact Everyday Blessings call: (813) 982-9226.