Report: 15,000 electric cars will call Tampa home by 2030

As more drivers choose to go electric, charging stations are getting crowded.

According to a local study, the demand is expected to grow exponentially within the next 12 years.

A report recently released by Environment Florida predicts the number of electric cars in Tampa's city limits will increase to 15,000 by 2030.

This translates into a 400 percent increase in public electric charging stations.

There are currently 18 of these stations throughout eight city of Tampa-owned and operated parking facilities.

Several private entities, like grocery stores, malls, and apartment complexes, also provide charging stops.

According to renewable energy experts, electric cars are revolutionizing the market - meaning local infrastructure needs to adapt quickly.

"The demand and the growth in EV's simply is not being met with the charging infrastructure," said Susan Glickman, with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Mike Davis, who drives an electric car, said he has problems finding open spots at public electric charging stations.

"It's a little bit of hit-and-miss game," said Davis.

Tampa officials said they are currently meeting the need.

"Of course, as the demand requires it, we will increase the supply," said Ocea Lattimore, the city's director of logistics, "but currently we have not seen the need to increase the supply of the charging stations."