Resurfacing project begins along Bay to Bay Boulevard

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Drivers can expect delays on Bay to Bay Boulevard for at least a month as crews resurface and re-stripe the roadway. 

The project started Wednesday and will be working it's way down the road from Dale Mabry Highway to Bayshore Boulevard. However, the project has been met with stiff opposition. 

"What's disappointing is how little the community input has been taken into here," said Emily Hindsdale, of Sidewalk Stompers, a non-profit that advocates for safer streets. "This is a very walkable neighborhood except for Bay to Bay."

Hindsdale is one of many who hoped the road would undergo significant changes. Last year, the county proposed reducing the roadway from four lanes to two lanes, with a center turn lane. Although it is a county-owned road, the City of Tampa dictates the design. Mayor Bob Buckhorn did not approve of the "road diet" and the plan was thrown out.

A year later, county officials said their hands are tied, and for now they must proceed with the resurfacing project. Some drivers said that's all it needs.

"I think it's fine I mean the way it is," said George Edmondson. 

Meanwhile, others believe the original proposal should be revisited.

"The cars feel like they're just within inches of you," said Patty Daniels.

The county said the resurfacing project should be completed by early April.