Riverview teen brings home powerlifting silver medal from Special Olympics

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A 19-year-old senior at Riverview High School recently returned home with the hard-earned title of Medalist in the Special Olympics.

Ben Greer set his sights on becoming a powerlifter and has worked toward his goal every day since.

“Ben has [Down syndrome] but that doesn’t hold him down. He can do anything he wants,” said his dad, Mark Greer.

Ben has been lifting weights for about a year, building his body and inspiring others along the way.

“I love to work out to make me feel proud,” Ben said.

Ben's coach, Markey Oliver founded Specially Fit, an organization that works with special needs students.

“I work with over 200 individuals with special needs. I see them all the time. I’ve never once seen anything like Ben in my life,” Oliver said. 

Ben, his parents, and coach recently traveled to Marietta, Georgia for Ben to compete in the Special Olympics South East Region powerlifting competition.

In his three events, Ben lifted more than 600 pounds and took second place.

“He was on the stand in second place,” said his mother, Mary Stahl. “He turns to the gold medalist who's taller and bigger and says, ‘Good job man! Congratulations’...that was, wow.”  

“He has no barriers, there are no barriers,” his father said.