Riverview woman says loose pit bull almost killed her dog

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A Riverview woman says a neighbor’s pit bull nearly killed her Golden doodle, Nadal.

“I thought my dog was going to die right there,” Maria Goode said.

They were out walking the other night in their neighborhood when she says a neighbor’s pit bull got loose.

“He just came charging towards us,” she said.      

She says it began growling and rag-dolling Nadal to the ground.

“I just start grabbing the pit bull, banging on the pit bull, [and] started screaming. It took for what I think was forever,” she told FOX 13. 

Eventually the dog’s owner was able to end the assault; however, she says this is not the first time.

Goode told FOX 13 the dog attacked another neighbor’s mastiff a few months earlier.

“I fear that I can’t even take my dogs for a walk for fearing that the pit-bull is going to charge at us again,” she said.

Animal control confirmed to FOX 13 it is investigating the attack. We tried to reach the pit bull's owners but they weren't home.     

Nadal is expected to make a full recovery.