Routine procedure leaves woman without arms and legs, lawsuit says

Lisa-Maria Carter isn't starring in a Lifetime movie but she felt like she was. "This doesn't happen in real people's lives," said Carter.

But it did happen to Carter and now she is living with the tragic results. 

Nearly seven years ago, the former intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense had her life on track.
She was about to be deployed to Iraq but decided to have ovarian cyst removed 
before heading out.
It was supposed to be a routine procedure, but during the operation, she says Dr. Larry Glazerman accidentally cut her small bowl and didn't catch his mistake.
That led to a massive infection.
By the time the error was caught, it was too late. Her arms and legs had to amputated.
Carter's life as she knew it was over. "Trying to get something to drink, somebody has to hold something to drink, when I want to go out to eat, they have to cut up my food. No, you don't adjust to any of it," explained Carter.

Carter sued Dr. Glazerman for millions to pay for a life time of treatment.
He denied doing anything wrong. 

The first trial ended in a hung jury and then it happened again last March.    
But Lisa-Maria is not giving up. She will face off with Dr. Glazerman for a third time and hopefully avoid another bad day in court. "Oh, Lisa, we are so sorry it's nothing but a thing, just means we are gonna do it again we'll be okay," said Carter.

Trial starts tomorrow and is expected to last all week.