RV resort quilters warm souls by making blankets

Women at an RV resort are helping migrants stay warm this winter by quilting blankets.

Betsy Ross would be proud of the women at the Camp Inn RV Resort in Frostproof.

"We make quilts for children and for homeless and we made some for the veterans," said quilter Lucille Ikemeyer.

They call themselves the Camp Inn Quilters. 

"We just enjoy helping out," said Ikemeyer. "It's just something we enjoy doing for the community."

They have been stitching, sewing, and measuring to make blankets for migrant workers for more than 20 years.

"It's a thrill when we take the quilts to the migrants and the little children grab their blankets and they hug it and they have a smile on their face and they are so tickle to get something on their own," explained Ikemeyer.

The quilters say they receive more than they give.

"Just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling," said quilter Marcia Matter. "When you hand someone a homemade quilt that they can love and cherish."

For Matter, it's a great way to socialize, while helping others before the pandemic hit.

"When the snowbirds come the room starts filling up, sometimes we have 20 or 30 people in this little room," she said. "Anybody that needs help somebody in this park is there to help."