Salon owner 'relieved' by governor's reopening order

If you have been waiting to get your hair cut or your nails done, today is your day. The governor is now allowing barbershops and beauty salons to re-open and it’s really a game-changer for these businesses.

Francee Weinfeld, who owns Fran-Chong Nail and Skin Salon in Tampa, is excited to get to work

“I feel great. I’m glad. I’m relieved we are open back up. They finally realize were not the source of contamination,” she said Monday.

Weinfeld’s business was considered “nonessential” and forced either to close or to stay open only under strict social distancing orders. When FOX 13 talked to Weinfeld three weeks ago, she was doing her best to survive while following all the CDC guidelines.

“I do foot detoxes and I’ve taken to using disposable containers. They soak your feet in and at that time I’m 6 feet away from them, other than putting their feet into the detox,” she explained at the time.

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Since the governor made his announcement on Friday, anxious customers have been calling to make appointments.

“They were thrilled because they needed their feet done. I mean, some of these people had not had their feet touched for two months and they were used to getting every three to four weeks and all of a sudden they couldn’t get it,” Weinfeld continued.

Weinfeld says her safety routine won’t change. She is constantly wiping down and sterilizing her salon.

She knows it will take time to fully recover from the financial hit, but it helps that she was approved for the government’s payment protection program. It’s a federal loan used to help small businesses during this crisis.

It’s a crisis Weinfeld says she was determined to survive. “You have to go the extra mile for your clients and if they are willing to open their doors to you, you should be willing to open your doors to them too.”