Sarasota schools considering stricter cell phone policy

The Sarasota County School Board is planning on updating their cell phone policy to a more stringent one.  

“When you think about our purpose as an educational institution we want to ensure the environment is such that allows them to thrive without distraction,” said board member Bridget Ziegler.

The new proposal would go like this:

Elementary students will have devices silenced, put away and not used at all times.  Middle School, the same thing, unless supervised during a specific class instruction. 

And in High School, it would mirror middle school except during transition and lunch periods. Also, at no time would students have devices like air pods in, blocking their ability to hear instructions.

“I’m very encouraged to see us tightening our policy,” said Ziegler.

Smart Watches can be worn but shouldn’t be in use for anything other than telling time.  What would the punishments be?

“First it'll be a warning the second will be confiscated and a parent will have to pick up,” she said.

The board is expected to vote on the policy Monday night.  It would go into effect next school year.