Search for suspect who stole wallet at Clearwater Walmart, rode off on scooter

Police are searching for a suspect who stole a wallet at a Clearwater Walmart and rode off on a motorized scooter.

Police say the Clearwater man accidentally dropped his wallet at the Walmart at U.S. 19 and State Rd. 590 on April 1st. Before he was able to pick it up, another shopper, who was riding on a motorized scooter inside the store, picked it up and drove away, even while the victims confronted the shopper. 

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The video was captured on surveillance video and also by the shopper, who shared cell phone video with police. 

The victim's fiance spotted the shopper at the exact time the customer picked it up. "I said what are you doing? Can I please have my fiance's wallet? And he said, I don't know what you're talking about, it's mine," Emma Gans told FOX 13.

The shopper eventually returned the wallet, but not before stealing the money inside. 

Anyone with information about who the suspect is should call police at 727-562-4242