Seffner apartment complex helps struggling families get back on their feet

Tanisha Bynum and her children moved to Tampa from Enterprise, Alabama when her business with Bossy Enterprise slowed down. 

"We moved here because it was a bigger town and way more opportunities," Bynum said. 

The family had nowhere to go until they turned to Metropolitan Ministries. 

"We came here and they housed us," Bynum explained. "To put us get back into a more comfortable position." 

She is now moving out of their temporary housing into SabalPlace, a new, 112 unit, income-based, affordable apartment complex in Seffner. 

"I think it is beautiful," she shared. "I think it is a wonderful place and I feel so bless to have the opportunity." 

The project is a partnership between Metropolitan Ministries and Blue Sky Communities. It’s an affordable housing development company. 

"To actually be looking at how much you are making to be able to afford the rent is a great opportunity for our clients. To be able to become financially stable," said Claudia Gunns with Metropolitan Ministries.

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It’s a life-changing event for families who need low-cost housing. 

"For some clients, it's the very first opportunity to actually be stable" Gunns added.

It’s an opportunity that Bynum is so thankful for. 

"I think it is going to be really exciting I think the girls are going to be in their room playing with Barbie dolls and the boys be in their room on video games and I'm going to be in my room at peace." 

A peace that Metropolitan Ministries hopes to bring to other families in need of affordable housing.

Bynum and her family will be moving into their apartment later this month.

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