Self-proclaimed psychic gets more than 9 years in twisted $1 million scam

Self-proclaimed psychic Jaycee Wasso was convicted in March in twisted $1 million scam. Two months later, she was hoping to change her fortune during her sentencing. 

In a Tampa courtroom Friday, Wasso told the court that she knew her fortuneteller days were over and asked for forgiveness for her actions and mercy. 

"I did not appreciate the seriousness of my actions, now I realize what I did was selfish and wrong," said Wasso.

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Wasso was found guilty of stealing money, jewelry and luxury goods from Tampa businessman Richard Rappaport. Rappaport’s then wife Lin Halfon, was a client of Wasso. 

Wasso manipulated Halfon into stealing more than $1 million in cash and jewelry in November 2019. 

"Yes I fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker," said Rappaport.

Rappaport, now 80 years old, told the jury a little more than two months ago that he felt defrauded, manipulated and lied to. He believed the money was to purchase a condo in St. Petersburg and helping Halfon's family in Israel, but it was all a lie. 

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Prosecutors said the small fortune was going to the fortune-teller, which Rappaport said he wouldn't have agreed to.

Halfon told the jury that Wasso needed the cash and luxury items to protect her from evil spirits. But soon, Wasso demanded $1 million in cash to scare away her demons. 

"She said she feels a very bad energy from me, that this bad energy is a curse that comes from generations to generations," explained Halfon.

Under Wasso's direction, Halfon headed to an Amscot in Tampa to cash the hefty check, but she was turned away twice. Wasso then recruited family members to cash three checks, totaling $1 million in New Jersey, and they were successful.

Rappaport was alerted by police of the con job and had to break the news to his daughter Dayna Titus and his son Brian Rappaport.

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Both didn’t even know their father was married to a woman 50 years younger than him. 

"I never told them, because they would’ve disapproved, naturally disapprove," said Rappaport.

Halfon served thirteen months in jail and was deported back to Israel for her involvement in the crime. But now, it was Wasso’s turn to learn her fate. 

Staring at a 20-year prison sentence, Wasso‘s mother Mary, told the judge it was all her fault. 

"I failed her as a mother very badly she did not know right from wrong," said the tearful mother.

Wasso attorney, Glenn Lansky argued she was raised to be a gypsy who is under the complete control of her mother and told her earn money. He said Wasso was molested as a child and later physically abused by her husband. 

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He asked for a light sentence of four years. 

"She was too young to appreciate the consequences," explained Lansky. 

While prosecutors pushed for a much stiffer sentence of 15 years behind bars, Tampa Judge Michael Williams decided nine and a half years was plenty. 

"We’re talking about a two-year fraud involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, you saw an opportunity, and you took it," explained Williams. 

Once released from prison, Wasso will serve fifteen years’ probation. One of the conditions include that she won't be allowed to be a psychic ever again.