Semi driver survives crash into median on Kansas highway

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A truck driver in Kansas is lucky to be alive after being in a dramatic crash Wednesday.

The crash was caught by highway surveillance cameras.

The red semi comes from the right side of the screen as it approaches a ramp to another roadway. The truck is hauling what looks like a flat trailer without a storage container, but something may be tied down in the rear of the trailer.

As the truck approaches the split between the highway and the ramp, it smashes into the dividing guardrail which is attached to a concrete pillar supporting another roadway above.

The semi becomes partially airborne as it crashes along the left side of the guardrail and pillar. Just after impact, a yellowish-green liquid or powdery substance explodes into the air from the back of the semi.

The explosion sends some of the substance all the way up onto the roadway above.

The Overland Park Police Department reports the driver of the truck was trapped inside his vehicle until several motorists stopped to help him get out.

The truck later became engulfed in flames and was destroyed.