Seminole Heights shooting victim Ronnie Felton honored through charity

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The Seminole Heights community paid a very special tribute Saturday to the most recent victim of a killer who's now claimed the lives of four people in that neighborhood. 

On Tuesday, Ronald Felton was gunned down in front of the food pantry where he'd served as a volunteer for more than 10 years.

Ronnie was killed doing something he loved, so neighbors decided to honor him by continuing his work for the food pantry. 

Donations poured in for a special food drive organized by the Seminole Heights Civic Association.

In just a few hours, community members and dozens who drove from miles outside of Tampa donated enough food to stock the New Season Apostolic Ministries' food pantry for nearly two full months. 

"Ronnie's passion was to come to this church and give food out at the food pantry so we're going to collect as much food as we can to support the community," said Seminole Heights Community Association president Steve Zinder. "We're trying to show people that he was one of us and we're going to take his place."

The shooting was yet another blow to a neighborhood where police are tirelessly hunting a killer who has taken four lives since October 9.

The community, however, isn't allowing fear to break their spirits or stop the work of neighbors like Ronnie, neighbors who work hard to make a difference in Seminole Heights.  

Ronnie's ministry says it won't stop either.

"We are not stopping because there are too many people that need our help. Just for someone to do something, no we're not going to allow [the killer] to stop us from going forward and helping those that are less fortunate," said minister Isaiah Osborne.

If you'd like to give back, the SESH Civic Association has established a scholarship fund for the Seminole Heights victims. You can also find information on how to donate to the New Season food pantry by visiting