Sheriff: 2 women confess to shooting, killing homeless man in Eloise

According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, two women confessed to killing Gregory Shaw, 55, a man living in a homeless camp in Eloise, which is near Winter Haven.

Judd said deputies received a call via On Star shortly after 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday about gunshots fired inside the homeless camp. The caller said people were just shooting at cans, but deputies went out to investigate. They didn’t see anything unusual, so they wrote their report and left.

On Thursday, deputies went back to the camp to investigate in the daylight and found Shaw’s body. They did not see a gun, blood or a bullet hole, but called out the homicide team because of the phone call regarding shots fire the night before.

Upon examination, a 22 caliber projectile was found in Shaw’s body.

According to Judd, Shaw’s girlfriend, Staci Testerman, had a girlfriend, Shea Pinkston, who, upon being released from jail, was told that Testerman moved in with Shaw and was being abused.

Judd said Pinkston’s father drove her to Shaw’s camp and gave her a 22 caliber rifle as she exited the car. 

According to Judd, Pinkston and Testerman told deputies that when Pinkston arrived the three began arguing and Shaw pointed a pellet gun at them. The women told deputies that they started to run and that’s when Pinkston fired the rifle at Shaw. They said they didn't know if Pinkston had hit shaw or not.

Judd said that deputies found two pellet guns in Shaw’s camp, but they were tucked away and not near his body.

According to Judd, Shaw, Pinkston and Testerman have criminal histories. 

Judd said charges are pending.