Sheriff Judd -- and bobbleheads -- star in this year's Christmas card

It is a much-awaited holiday event, but it’s not the lighting of a Christmas tree or the arrival of Santa. It’s the unveiling of Grady Judd’s annual Christmas card.

This year’s card has the Polk sheriff instructing guys who are dressed up as jail inmates on how to make a Sheriff Grady Judd bobblehead.

The sheriff’s office has actually made bobbleheads of Judd and sold them to raise money for charity.

“We had 500 bobbleheads made,” the sheriff explained. “They wanted to have 2,000 made originally. I said nobody wants these bobbleheads. We sold out the 500 bobbleheads in like 15 minutes, just to the people at the sheriff’s office.”

If you like to get your hands on a Judd bobblehead yourself, you’re going to get another chance to buy one. The sheriff’s office ordered another batch and will be selling them in coming months.