Shots fired into vehicle critically injures woman in Brandon, deputies say

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A woman was critically injured after someone shot at her vehicle Monday morning, according to deputies.

It happened before 2 a.m. at Kingsway Road and Clay Avenue, about one mile away from the Walgreens on E Brandon Boulevard in Brandon. That's where deputies say they found the vehicle with bullet holes.

The victim was one of four people inside the vehicle. No one else was injured. Deputies say, so far they believe the vehicle was targeted by the shooter, but the victim may not have been the intended target. She has not been identified.

The events leading up to the shooting remain under investigation, but it doesn’t appear to be a case of road rage, officials added.

The female victim was taken to Tampa General Hospital where she is in critical condition. Officials have no named suspect or suspects in the shooting.

Neighbors living near the scene of the shooting are thankful they weren't hit by a stray bullet.

"Nothing came through my fence or my baby's rooms are right there towards that back, so anything was possible, but thank God it wasn't worse than it was," said Danesa Spratley, adding the lack of details made her worry.  "We really don't have any information about it so it is kind of concerning."