St. Pete, Clearwater beaches still free of red tide

Visit St. Pete Clearwater wants out-of-towners to know the beaches of Pinellas County are free of red tide and ready for vacationers. 

While red tide continues to devastate many beaches in South Florida, many beaches in the bay area remain untouched however they are still feeling its effects.

Jason Beisel with the city of Clearwater says crews and trucks on standby to deal with the tons of dead marine wildlife as red tide is foretasted to spread to Pinellas, however, the message is their beach is open.

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"Some people who do not live here or are not from here think that the whole coast of Florida, is being affected,” Beisel said. “We are having people come down before their vacation making sure to check in with us.

There are two very low detections of red tide south of Pinellas County, but no fish kills have been reported.