State attorney's office to assist Tampa police in Hogan sex tape case investigation

There is a mysterious new twist surrounding Hulk Hogan's Lawsuit against the media gossip site "Gawker."
The case that already involves sex, lies, and videotape-- may now involve some type of crime.
The Hillsborough State Attorney's office confirms they are working closely with Tampa Police on the department's criminal investigation into the case.

Hogan is suing Gawker for $100 million after the site posted a clip of a "leaked" sex tape involving Hogan and the wife of Bubba The Love Sponge--the two are now divorced.
Hogan says his privacy was violated, but Gawker says it was news worthy and is a First Amendment issue. But all of that happened in Pinellas County.
So why was an investigation launched?
Legal experts say it could be several things.
Investigators could be trying to find out if the sex tape was stolen and if so, who stole it?
Also, investigators may want to know if the sex tape was sold and distributed without Hogan's consent.
Now, if the tape was stolen in Tampa or sold somewhere in Hillsborough county that means the Hillsborough State Attorney's office would have jurisdiction in this case.
A spokesperson for SAO says if their findings lead to charges they will let announce it.
The Hogan civil trial was set to start this week but was pushed back after Gawker received new evidence in the case by the FBI last week.
A new trial date has not been set.