Strangers help surviving victim of alleged 'spree killer'

The man who was held hostage by alleged “spree killer” Stanley Mossberg had much of his home spruced up by more than a dozen volunteers Friday.

Thomas Kohl has been through a traumatic ordeal this week.

Investigators say Kohl found the bodies of his roommates, Peggy Morey and his fiancé, Kenneth Bever, as well as their alleged killer, Stanley Mossberg inside his home. Mossberg allegedly tied up Kolh and held him hostage for the rest of the night, into the next day.

Friday, about 20 workers helped give Kohl a lift by putting in new landscaping, changing the locks, and adding a new roof to his home - all free of charge.

“Everybody needs some help, and this is his time,” said Joe Black, a remodeling contractor and neighbor who helped with the project. “It is nice to see everyone coming together making some good out of the bad that happened,” he said.

Lenny David Lukaszka, with Central Florida Roofing, wanted to give Kohl a money-saving upgrade.

“We're giving him an energy-efficient roof system. It’s the most energy-efficient on the market today. Basically it'll cut his energy cost in half,” Lukaszka said.

Kohl said it was "unbelievable" to see the work being done to his home.

“It helps me move forward.  It’s something I don’t have to do,” said Kohl. “They were just the most unbelievable people they were wonderful.”

Kohl said he has nothing to say to Mossberg, who is accused of at least three murders, but he says Mossberg did plenty of talking while they were inside.

“He told me he admired a serial killer I don’t remember the name. He said he’d killed 10 people so he wanted to kill 11. He said these were 7, 8.” Kohl said. “Whatever was in his head that told him to let me live, I thank God for that,” Kohl said.