Summer beach reads: St. Pete author's twist-filled novel hits shelves Memorial Day

A thrilling novel from the mind of a Tampa Bay author is hitting bookshelves just in time for summer.

"It Could Be Anyone" by Jamie Lynn Hendricks will be available on Memorial Day. It’s about five best friends headed from New York to a destination wedding in Miami. 

Twists are plentiful in this book. Readers will learn each friend’s reason for wanting the groom dead. 

He’s blackmailing each of them with their own darkest secrets. However, he needs them on is side for the bride to say "I do."

"Publishers Weekly" compared "It Could Be Anyone" to a twisty game of "Clue."

Jamie Lynn is a part-time St. Petersburg resident and enjoys the juxtaposition between the local "chill vibe" while she was writing a book set in the midst of Miami.

"I prefer the more chilled vibe and, you know, the more beachy type. It's more fun. It's more chill," Jamie Lynn said of St. Petersburg. "I used Miami for this one because this one needed a much splashier setting. It needed to really have the wedding and the people from New York and the back and forth, and I just thought this one fit better for Miami."

"It Could Be Anyone" is available for order on Amazon.