Suspect charged with trying to carjack deputies speaks out

Online, 27-year-old Dominique Albert has been dubbed the latest "dumb criminal."

“For this to be out on me- it’s horrible because I’m not that type of person,” Albert said from the Pinellas County Jail in an exclusive interview with FOX 13.

He's the guy accused of trying to carjack a pair of undercover St. Petersburg detectives. He denies it.

”This is not something I would do. If anyone knows me -- I’m not a carjacker; I’m not a violent person,” he explained.

He says he and his roommate were actually waiting on a weed dealer to show up. That's who he thought was in the car.

He says he ran when he thought it was a deal gone badly.

”First thing I did was took-off running because I didn't know who it was. If you see someone jump out of your car in your own driveway, you're going to be scared too,” Albert said.

Albert has been arrested several times in the past for theft -- perhaps these latest charges will mark a turning point.  

”I feel like it gives me a wake-up call. I have three kids. It gives me a wake-up call,” he said.