Suspected serial porch pirates arrested in Pasco Co.

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The Pasco County Sheriff's Office says two suspected porch pirates, who were spotted by surveillance cameras driving a U-Haul rental truck, have been arrested.

The sheriff’s office released surveillance video showing two male suspects drive through the Lone Star Ranch subdivision around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

At one point in the surveillance video, the truck stops, and the driver and passenger exit and head to two different homes. Both returned to the truck holding stolen packages.

Deputies tracked the U-Haul truck to the Belmont Inn and Suites in Port Richey. They waited for the driver to come out of the hotel and approached him. 

They say the driver, 43-year-old Daniel Johnson admitted he and his buddy, 43-year-old Richard Harlow took the packages.

Johnson said he told a female friend he would return her U-Haul for her, but never did.

The U-Haul dealer later said the truck rental was a week overdue and they were going to report it stolen but had not yet filed the report. 

Johnson, who lives in Ohio but was in Florida for an unrelated probation hearing, said he and Harlow stole packages from three residences. 

The first package contained a DVD player and some school supplies, valued at about $100. 

The second package contained about $30 worth of air conditioner filters. 

The third package contained a $55 back pillow, a lace dress, and some jewelry, valued at about $100. 

The men were still in possession of the air conditioner filters and the school supplies. Those items were returned to the victims who ordered them. 

The victims who ordered the first and third packages said they received refunds from Amazon, as well, so none of the victims were out any money or goods.

Deputies said Johnson and Harlow were also in possession of syringes, paraphernalia, and prescription pills. Drug money is believed to be the motive for the thefts.  

Both men face charges of felony burglary to the perimeter of a residence.