Swim with manatees in Crystal River

Swimming with wild manatees is certainly one of the most Florida things you can do. Tour companies in Crystal River make the activity possible year-round. 

During the summer months, King’s Bay is home to a couple-dozen resident manatees. In the winter, over a thousand migratory manatees can be found in the area. 

After educating customers on the dos and don’ts of swimming with manatees, tour operators like Fun 2 Dive take customers on a short boat ride to King’s Bay where manatees can usually be found eating seagrass. 

Swimmers wear a mask and snorkel and a wet suit to help them float on the top of the water. They are then welcomed to watch the manatees as they make their way around the bay. 

Remember, Florida law prohibits touching, feeding, chasing, or otherwise harassing manatees.

LINK: Fun 2 Dive is open Monday through Friday.