Tampa Bay area CEOs volunteer to help set students, local schools up for success

Tampa Bay area CEOs are volunteering their time and talents to help set students and their schools up for future success. 

Stephen Busbee, the CEO for Spectra Flooring, and his employees ut smiles on the faces of staff members at Palm River Elementary School in Tampa. Busbee is part of CEOs in Schools, a group of business executives that volunteer their time and treasure to help students succeed. 

"I think there's a lot of life lessons to be learned for the kids when you have people from the industry and the community come in," Busbee said. 

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It's instructions that have made a big difference, according to Palm River Elementary's Principal Kelly McCluney.

"Not only has he given back to the teachers, but he's also giving back to the students and develop those personal relationships with our students in there, myself included," McCluney said.  

Busbee and his employees have been volunteering at the school for four years and cherish every moment. 

"Every single one of them are super excited to be a part of it, whether it's reading during the day, whether it's doing coat drives or it could even be a Christmas celebration and reading Christmas stories and holiday stories to the kids," Busbee said. 

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The program ia also combating outside barriers that hinder learning.

"It goes so much further, as you said, than just books," said McCluney. "But that personal relationship and again, just being that cheerleader for us and knowing we have someone out there supporting us in the work that we do every day." 

Busbee said he gets more out of the visits than the students do. 

"It's been phenomenal every time I've come here, so I feel really blessed, and I look forward to it every time we have something set up," he said. 

The program brings a private and public partnership of leadership and support, that's changing the lives of students in the Tampa Bay area. 

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On November 4, more than 150 executives will visit area schools. They said they are a little short on their goal and could use a few more CEO's. 

For more information about the program, visits www.1dayofchange.com/ceosinschools.