Tampa Bay native plays Richard Nixon in new Showtime series 'The First Lady'

Tampa Bay native Paul Wilson started doing impersonations of Richard Nixon as a high school student reading the morning announcements. He never imagined it would lead to a job as an actor, playing the former president.

Paul Wilson, who is also the brother of Fox13 Anchor Mark Wilson, is cast in Showtime's new series, "The First Lady," a drama that tells the story of America's presidential spouses. It premieres this weekend.

"[The Presidents and First Ladies] are so unique, and there is so much intensity, and so much focus on these guys and gals in the world of the White House, that you can't help but scrutinize their every bit of manner."

It's important for us to know presidential couples, he said, to both understand world history, and to grasp how their private lives impacted that history.

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"I wanted to bring some gravity to it, and not make it as entertaining as it should be, but to find the humanity," Wilson said. "He was somebody's dad, somebody's granddad. Somebody's husband and he had the world to deal with."

The series stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Viola Davis, and runs for 10 episodes. Wilson hopes viewers are transported to the past, thanks to his impersonation of Nixon.

"I hope they smile. Because for me, it is just about fun. It's not just about impersonations. It is about remembering those moments."

Information on the series can be found on Showtime's website