Tampa gym specializes in clients with autism

Gym owner and personal trainer, Mark Fleming teaches his clients how to walk through hurdles, in the gym and in life.

"I use them to step over, so when a client does that, it helps them with spacial awareness, which a lot of this population lacks," said Fleming.

That population consists of those with autism or related disorders.

"It's a clientele that I work well with and it impacts me personally since I'm autistic as well," said Fleming.

He understands their challenges. 

"One of my biggest issues growing up was I fell down almost every day so just being able to be aware of your surroundings can help tremendously in quality of life," said Fleming.

Even his equipment is designed specifically for their needs.  

"Sandbells are great especially for the population with fine motor issues because you actually have to find your own grip," said Fleming.

His gym is called Puzzle Piece Fitness. The puzzle piece is a symbol for autism.

"Since it helped open me to become what I am today it kind of felt as a symbol to use as the business," said Fleming.

It's a workout that conquers hurdles in more ways than one.  

"If you have a goal and your mind is set to it that you can do it no matter if you have a disability or not," said Fleming.

For more information, visit https://www.puzzlefit.com/.