Tampa man creates Christian non-profit to address addiction, mental health 

A year ago, Kyle Hunnewell was struggling with personal demons and depression. Having been through some difficult times as a young man, Hunnewell was trying to get his life back in order through a change in diet and some serious community support. During that journey, he found an opportunity to help other people like himself.

"The mission here is that I really want to focus on a movement of addressing addiction." shared Hunnewell. 

The inspiration was born out of a prayer meeting with a pastor and seeing the need for a locally based planner for Christian events.

"I feel like our culture has lost its way," said Hunnewell, "I just want to provoke a lot of the really hard questions in our culture today."

His non-profit, Great Awakening Events, is designed to do just that.

"We just want to get the truth out there." shared Hunnewell, "It (the non-profit) will really be a truth platform."

His group booked its first act on October 25 featuring Christian artists Bryson Gray, Tyson James, Kelvin J., Kamban and KP. 

While that event was a musical act, Hunnewell hopes to also feature other events such as preachers and inspirational speakers.

"I believe this could be a platform that could benefit all," stated Hunnewell.

To find out more about Great Awakenings Events, visit http://greatawakeningevents.com/.


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