Tampa police arrest 9 alleged members of violent gang

Nine members of a violent Tampa gang have been arrested after a years-long investigation, police say.

During an afternoon press conference, Chief Brian Dugan described numerous crimes allegedly committed by the "200 Skudda" gang, including racketeering, dealing drugs, and murder.

Officials say the investigation started back in 2017 following the murder of 17-year-old Kelly Stacy near Busch Boulevard. One of the nine men arrested Tuesday morning, Joshua Green, was charged with third-degree murder in that case.

The 200 Skudda gang is said to operate in Tampa, Hillsborough County and parts of Georgia.

“Overall, the members of this gang have been hell-bent on committing serious crimes. Like many of the gangs we see in the state of Florida, they're very transient, meaning not only do they wreak havoc in Tampa but, as the chief alluded, also in the county, Georgia, and other states,” said FDLE investigator Mark Brutnell.

The gang was also known to post music videos online, boasting about shootings, killing "snitches" and evading the police. The chief says the music shows their violent mentality.

“Their music, their actions, their behavior was a culture of intimidation, acting that they were not in fear of law enforcement gave them a sense of invincibility, but I think now that we've made some arrests we expect more, that type of attitude and bravado is going to come to an end,” said Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan.

The case is ongoing, which means more arrests are possible. Officials are asking the public to come forward with any information they may have on the gang.