Tarpon Springs remembers fallen officer on anniversary

It has been one year since the shooting death of Tarpon Springs Police officer Charles Kondek.

"It is difficult to believe a year has already passed since the most terrible morning we can imagine," said Chief Robert Kochen.

Officer Kondek was gunned down while responding to a noise complaint at an apartment complex. It started as a seemingly routine call.

"As chief of police, receiving that phone call was, and still is, my worst nightmare," the chief said at a ceremony Monday evening.

The community lost more than an officer. Aleena Kondek lost her father. She was 15 when it happened. 

"We woke up today and it hit us again, that it was like waking up that same day getting the news. It is very rough," Aleena explained.

Officer Kondek had six children. Everyone agreed; he was a man dedicated to his community and his family.  

"I just think about what my dad's told me. He told me, 'be strong; be confident,' and everything I do is for him,"  Aleena said.

Officer Kondek was a member of the NYPD before spending 17 years with TSPD.

"That sacrifice will always be a part of Tarpon Springs and epitomized the men and women who serve us in law enforcement," said  Mayor David Archie.

Kondek is remembered as a hero, a father and a dedicated policeman.  He was 45.