'Tasha is my sister': Friend authors book for goddaughter's college fund after father passes away

Tasha Cohen-Glynn and NaTasha Tate have been inseparable. Their sisterhood started many years ago, so when tragedy struck Tate's family, it was natural for Glynn to want to help. 

Glynn said she met Tate at church, saying their instant friendship "felt like home."

"Some time we can finish each other's sentences" said Tate. "I'll come out of the room with the same color she got on. Sometimes It's ridiculous. And so she is my sister." 

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When Tate got pregnant in 2018, the Glynn's were there likely choice to become godparents to their baby daughter Moriah. 

"They went through several things to get there and then God blessed them with this little bundle of joy. And so I knew she was special to them and for her to ask me, I was honored," Glynn added. 

The joy didn't last long, because the unthinkable happened. Earlier this year, Tate's husband Tony died while having gallbladder surgery. 

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"You don't get married to think that you're going to soon be a widow. And so this is new for me," Tate said. 

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Glynn wanted to help her friend and provide a college fund for Moriah's future. The marketing and public relations liaison did something that she has never done before. 

She wrote a book for her goddaughter's college education fund and called it "Dada and Me." 

"College is going to be here before you know it. She's only in pre-K, but before you know it, and by the time she goes to college, God knows how much the prices would be. So this is just a small effort on our part to show that we love her, and we love them. They are family," Glynn said. 

For Tate, the book is a way for Moriah to always remember her dad. 

"Tony was a good husband, but he was a great, great dad as well. And he was present. He was present from the beginning, all the way to the end. And I always wanted Mariah to know that. And so the book helps to capture all of the things that Tony did with his daughter," Tate said. 

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An unbreakable bond not only between father and daughter, but families as well. 

"People have friends and then people have family. I don't see her as a friend anymore. We have surpassed that friends on a long time ago. Many, many years ago. Tasha is my sister," said Tate. 

"Now my friend gave me a girl that I could help raise with her alongside her. So our amazing our relationship is amazing," Glynn said. 

The book is available on Amazon. She also opened up a college fund at a credit union.